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Bella Rosa signs distribution deal with AWAL Music

Rozo Ent Inc

Jan 31, 2022

A division of Sony Music

The new music business is characterized by unlimited access to emerging artists all over the word by using distribution services like Distrokid and CD Baby where aspiring artist pay for their services to distribute their music to the major streaming platforms. However, the major labels have their own distribution services that are only available to a select number of artist that are handpicked and added to their international roster.

Bella Rosa has signed a distribution agreement with AWAL Music - A Kobalt Company and a division of Sony Music. With this new partnership Bella Rosa will be releasing her new music through this platform and have access to a larger audience thanks to AWAL's large distribution network.

"I am very thankful for this. It is like a dream come true" said Bella in response to the news. "I work very hard on my music and to be recognized by major industry players and to be invited into this select roster of artist is just something I only dreamed of. I am looking forward to releasing all my songs with AWAL'.

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