Andy Gomez was born in Bogota, Colombia. Born into a musical family where mom was a singer and dad was a trumpet player. They both performed constantly and toured the country with international artists that came to perform locally.

His music life began very early playing the flute and saxophone and he was put in music lessons with an important teacher. His life as a drummer started at 16 when he is given his first drum set and from then on, it became his ife.

He started playing in a metal band he had with friends and also played in a christian rock band at his school. Listening to Linkin Park, System of a Down and Blink 182 was his inspiration into the world of rock and from then on, he has never looked back.

As a professional drummer, he participated in multiple bands in Colombia and performed numerous shows around the country.

Andy moves to Canada in 2019 to pursue his life as a professional musician. Only 2 months after landing in Canada, he meets the Bella Rosa team and the energy and friendship immediately developed. He is a very talented drummer who also collaborates in every project the band has including song writing and all marketing and promotional ideas.


- Favourite music bands: The neighbourhood, Tame impala, Linkin Park,     Muse, City and Colour.

- That song you can't stop listening to: Devils advocate by The                Neighbourhood.

- Favourite food: Italian, sushi. 

- Best Musical moment: first time I played a drum solo in front of 500 people, it felt like I was flying.

- Favourite movies: Inception, Interstellar, every Harry Potter movie.

- Hobbies: Playing ultimate frisbee.

- Favourite drink: Long Island cocktail, Negra Modelo beer.

- What inspires you to make music: The possibility to travel around the world giving and receiving great energy while playing.

- What's your favourite place in the world: Universal Studios hahaha.

- Do you have any pets: yes 

- Do you have any tattoos/ piercings: 1 piercing and 14 

- Which festival or venue do you dream playing at: Coachella and Glastonbury.

- What's your message to aspiring musicians: Just practice and keep away people who are tying to drag you down, believe in you and in people who want to help you grow as a person/musician.


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