Canadian singer-songwriter Bella Rosa grew up in a home filled with music. From a young age, her dad (also a musician of 25 years) always encouraged her vocal performances. They traveled everywhere with a guitar, which is how Bella formed her strong stage presence early on (even at karaoke nights on vacation). At age 11, Bella taught herself how to play the ukulele and started working with a vocal coach while writing her own music. Her musical style transitioned from pop to rock before she arrived at alt-pop—a genre that feels like a safe space for her. “I can write how I feel. Alt can be anything; it doesn’t have to be either happy or sad,” she says.


Today, Bella’s lyrics are informed by her dreams, journal entries and the everyday challenges she confronts as a 15-year-old living in uncertain times. More than half of the lyrics for her latest single ‘She’s Good For You’—a relatable and hauntingly beautiful ballad about heartbreak—came straight out of the pages of her journal. “Turning something so negative into something so beautiful helps me to cope and move on,” she says. “As kids, all the songs we listened to were about Prince Charming and having the perfect life.” She hopes her music provides more of a reality check. “Life will push you down. But you always have to get up, no matter what.”


Bella is a true star on the rise, with over 300,000 streams on Spotify and more than 160,000 listeners in 152 countries. Her single ‘Just A Game’ boasts over 100,000 streams alone, while ‘Dead Lies’ has over 40,000. Bella has also won multiple awards for her music videos: ‘Dead Lies’ won Best Music Video at the 2021 Toronto International Women Film Festival and ‘Just A Game’ took home Bronze at the 42nd Annual Telly Awards 2021. Both videos were also officially selected for the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Written by Lora Grady

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