Bella Rosa is a Canadian singer and songwriter from London, ON - Canada. Coming from a very musical family she started her life in music attending his father’s band practices and live shows where she started to develop a love for singing.


Her journey as an artist begins in 2018 when she decides she wants to become a performing artist and take this path as a professional career. She immediately begins vocal coaching as well as musical theory. She is submerged in the world of vocalists for a whole year while at the same time making strides in guitar, piano and drums and develops a passion for the ukelele.


In 2019, after a full year of vocal training and many hours invested in finding her music style and artist persona, she enters the music stage as Bella Rosa, singing pop songs about friendship, love and fun. She is invited to open a concert at on March of 2019 where she makes her debut with amazing reviews from the sold-out crowd. In May 2019, she is invited to participate in the Forest City Music Awards Battle of the bands in which she didn’t qualify as a contestant due to her young age, but she is invited to open the show as a “future talent feature” and receives very positive reviews from critics and industry experts attending the event.


In June 2019 she plays her first solo show at the Wolf Performance Hall in front of a very supportive audience and in front of the cameras from the CTV network which interview airs a few days later and spreads Bella Rosa’s name across town. Thousands of Londoners saw this interview and the support messages did not wait long to start coming in. For the summer of 2019 Bella Rosa is invited to play at the Canada Day Festival in Sydney, NS, Mississauga, ON in July at Celebration Square in front of a crowd of 5,000 attendants and finishing her summer shows at the famous Rib Fest at Victoria Park in London, ON in August.


After this summer tour, Bella Rosa starts to explore new music avenues and genres and decides that pop is not the style that defines her as an artist and therefore choses to re-launch herself as a Rock artist. After a complete brand re-launch that included a new logo, website and social presence, Bella and her team start looking for her sound. With this re-branding, it is decided to launch Bella Rosa as a band rather than a solo artist, just like Bon Jovi, where the band's name follows the name of the lead singer.


- Favourite music bands: Evanescence, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana.
- That song you can't stop listening to: my future (Billie Eilish)


- Favourite food: Tacos, sushi

- Best Musical moment: Playing in Nova Scotia 

- Favourite movies: Clueless, Sandlot, Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

- Hobbies: Skateboarding, writing 

- Favourite drink: Cherry peace tea, strawberry lemonade


- What inspires you to make music: The feeling I get every time I sing 

- What's your favourite place in the world: The ocean 

- Do you have any pets: Two dogs 

- Do you have any tattoos/ piercings: 1 tattoo and 6 piercings 

- Which festival or venue do you dream playing at: Madison square               garden is my goal 

- What’s your message to aspiring artists: All your dreams can come true with dedication and hard work.

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